Jul 25, 2008

★Music from a messy room.

This is my favorite pic with a guitar.

Plus...playing a buitful songs from beattles in a messy room :-O.

★A little girly..but still.

This style is a little Girly,


looks like a gentle young man going to the Theatre

in LONDON in 60s! :-{D

Jul 21, 2008

★Megyu MEETS Style.

Since, I am interested in shopping and stlying,

here's i would like to introduce my favorite cordinating of me, myself.

"Megyutyle" (megyu MEETS style).

Jul 10, 2008

★Magic Hour & Farewell Party.

Here, id like to talk about last weekend.

It was kind a little busy day, though i went to the theater with my mom in the morning and saw the brand new movie "Magic Hour". It was really funny and move. The story is about Gang in a small town 守課護-shukago. It was been ages since i had gone out with my mom last time, though i was happy that she had a fun time there, too!

After that, i went to a farewell party of a friend of mine from my part-time job. Actually , there's a housewife who has very cheerful personality...AND she was the loudest person in a 7 people there. In a good way of course:-D

It was a great day☆

The picture is from the Movie " Magic Hour"
If you have time, please check this out!

Jul 4, 2008

★The Class duty.

Today has a computer class at my Uni, though since my computer doesn't work well, im now writing this blog instead.

evev though we use Adobe Golive to make a website, i don't totally understand ot to use it. In short, i hate Macs.

we also use Geocities to update the file, hough...I hate it neither.

However, my goal this year is to get to learn mora than basic things about Computer skills such as Exel, Photo shop, and Illastlatar. I don't have enough money to go to school to learn those skills, but hope i can learn by my self with books and etc..

I also start to re-learn Kanji, to be a basic japanese :-D and am going to take a test in September!!

Jul 2, 2008

★Disney Magic, the press party.

I had a really precious time today at Tokyo Disney world, attending a press party at the brand new hotel Tokyo Disney Land Hotel.

My uncles's friend Mr Yamazaki published many magazines with Disney, and he invited me to the party as a secretary of his. :-O

There, i met a lot of people who works at Media world, though especially, the people who works at Editorial company such as KODANSHA, told me many interesting stories at the party.

After collecting newa from the new hotel, we had a time for lunch with a editor from KODANSHA and we talked about the difficult situation in the editorial world, and also her honest feeling towards future job.

She lastly told me about the gap between people who work for only with duty and the people who works with their passion towards a job. And, say"Unless you met the thing make a impression on you, you could never touch people's heart with something you make in the future".

I really wanna work with passion in my future!!

Jul 1, 2008

★HW and Shopping

Hi there!

Im taking a class of Compte and English, and now learing how to make a web
page with Adobe Golive, though it takes lots of time for me since i have
never used it before in my life. There fore, today, i had to come to school even
though is my day off to do my extra work.

Its actually a really great experience for me, and im really enjoy it. But
its just.....like i don't get used to it. :-0 however, Id like to update
my web URL if i finish making it, so look forward to it! haha

After working on my web making, I and a friend of mine went to a big
shopping moll near our school in Chiba. We look around the stores though
both of us didn't have enough money for shoppin( since we decided to go
there suddenly today.), we just decided to hav lunch there!

We went to the restaurant named "MOnsoon Cafe" which serves Asian ethnic
food, and we really loved it.

The picture is from the restaurant, and it costed about 1o box with salad,
soup, desert, and drinks!!! wow!

Its was an lovely day today!