Jun 30, 2008

★Nture respect.

Hi there!

Today, id like to talk about what im careing about in this season now.

On changing seasons, i think especially girls care about the skin care. And as for me, since I have a Super Ultrasensitive skin, now i try to choose 100% natural skin lotion for my skin care.

In the picture, the all lotion made by the 100% natural things, and since i have been using those stuffs, my skin has got to be mild, and not much sensitive than used to be.

Now, i also got to respect Nature power a lot ,too.!!!

Jun 28, 2008

★The street style.

Hi there!

Its my day off from part-time job, and school...but don't know what to do.


so, today, Id like to talk about my favorite things...Fashon!! Yeah.

I love go shopping like the most girls in the world do, but especially i love street fashion stryle in Western countries such as NY, and Erope.

In japan, Super models' off style has been popular these days most of the time they prefer casual styles, however the small stuufs like hat, bags, shoes, and point accent goods are fabilous!!

Here, my favorite fashon blog "The sartorialist". http://www.thesartorialist.blogspot.com/

His work has selected as "One of time magazine's top 100 Design infuluencers" and he offeres great hints to my fashion styles,too. Especiall, his way of shotting people is just..AMAZING. we can enjoy fashion, people, and the background of the city, Please check it out!



Jun 27, 2008

★Let's get started.

Hi there!!

Thanks for visiting my blog.

Today, I would like to start my English photo blog here on my 22nd birthday, June 27th. Even though i study Eglsih at Uni, i would apporogize before hand for my spelling, or grammer mistakes here you might find sometime.

Here, in this blog, I am going to write about my daily lives with some pictures, and also introduce my favorite stuffs putting some comments such as book review or something like that. Also, please be free to leave your comment , too if you find some in common with me here.

Ok, here, I wanna put my first picture which is taken at lunch time today at my university, while my best friends bought some cakes for my birth day. LOVE YOU GUYS!!

Thanks again for checking my blog.

Please Enjoy !!