Jul 2, 2008

★Disney Magic, the press party.

I had a really precious time today at Tokyo Disney world, attending a press party at the brand new hotel Tokyo Disney Land Hotel.

My uncles's friend Mr Yamazaki published many magazines with Disney, and he invited me to the party as a secretary of his. :-O

There, i met a lot of people who works at Media world, though especially, the people who works at Editorial company such as KODANSHA, told me many interesting stories at the party.

After collecting newa from the new hotel, we had a time for lunch with a editor from KODANSHA and we talked about the difficult situation in the editorial world, and also her honest feeling towards future job.

She lastly told me about the gap between people who work for only with duty and the people who works with their passion towards a job. And, say"Unless you met the thing make a impression on you, you could never touch people's heart with something you make in the future".

I really wanna work with passion in my future!!


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M.E.G said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog.

You are right, and i will do my best to entertain more people with my blog, too!!

Mai said...

wow! awesome experience u had! hope u can tell me more when we meet tomorrow vV baci!

M.E.G said...

>Mai Mai!!

Yeah, I will!

Hope i can up date this blog often so we can share sotires here, even though we had little time to see in person these days.