Jul 1, 2008

★HW and Shopping

Hi there!

Im taking a class of Compte and English, and now learing how to make a web
page with Adobe Golive, though it takes lots of time for me since i have
never used it before in my life. There fore, today, i had to come to school even
though is my day off to do my extra work.

Its actually a really great experience for me, and im really enjoy it. But
its just.....like i don't get used to it. :-0 however, Id like to update
my web URL if i finish making it, so look forward to it! haha

After working on my web making, I and a friend of mine went to a big
shopping moll near our school in Chiba. We look around the stores though
both of us didn't have enough money for shoppin( since we decided to go
there suddenly today.), we just decided to hav lunch there!

We went to the restaurant named "MOnsoon Cafe" which serves Asian ethnic
food, and we really loved it.

The picture is from the restaurant, and it costed about 1o box with salad,
soup, desert, and drinks!!! wow!

Its was an lovely day today!

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