Jan 30, 2009

★Book Covers with beautiful prints.

One of my favorite thing to do in my spare time is Readig.

-and othere than my free time, i read anywehre if i have a time like in the train, at cafe, or during my waiting time at hospital.

In japan, as you are all aware, book size is much smaller than Western books, and also people hate to be looked at the title of the book they are reading in public.

There fore, you can see some stores selling Book Coveres for those who doeasn't want people to see what they are reading. (or people just ask the stuffs at a book store to cover the book they bought with a paper.)

I know....japanese people are SHY. haha

so when i go to the store in Shinjyuku Tokyo, i found some book covers with a beautiful design.

Now, i change a book cover to my moods, and it makes me feel like enjoying reading more. :-D

Dec 27, 2008

I usually don't like the crowded place, though sometime i get lots of energy in the center of the busiest streets.

1. In Shibuya
2. Asakusa

Dec 26, 2008

★Vintage items...

 Winter cordinate.....

 Vintage jacket  vs  Fur.

Sep 26, 2008

★Disney Sea in 2 years.

*Trying on a knit cap at a store.
*Merry-go-round in 2 years. :-D

Last week, i visited Disney Sea in 2 years, and loved it a lot.

Actually, i m not a disney person, and not like giong there once every a month, though

in this time i really enjoyed every atractions there,too!!

We entered the land around 11:30pm (which is very late time for disney fan), though we could see and get on abour 9 attraction(which is pretty good!!).

The longest line was less than 2 hours, and we could use fast pass as well, so we could try as many attraction as we could in shourt time very efficiently !!

I think , Disney sea is lass crrowded than disney land, and also the restaurants and attraction there were much more for adults.

My favorite attraction was tower of terror...

so so scary!!!!!!!!!!

Disney sea is only in Japan, so when you visit here, plases try to visit another majic land in Tokyo :-D.

Sep 10, 2008


This is very beautiful shape, isn't it??

I happened to find this car near an apartment, and i think the owner lives in the house, though I can't stop my slef from taking a pic of this.

Not sure its still working, is just an object, though it reminds me the coolest racing car in the world.

Sep 8, 2008

Pineapple rice ☆

This special dinner was come from my mom's great idea for my birth day dinner.

Looks funny, wired , or some moght think its beautiful....

the taste was sooo good.

I just wanted to introduce it here. though you can just miz the veg, and pine in the rice, and those beg will make the rice really sweet taste and good.

You can try it!

If you are brave enought :-D

Sep 5, 2008

★Hand-made camisole.

Since i got day off today, i tryed to make a clothe for fall and winter.


i made it!!

I think i need more volume with this camilsole.

Ill try to make more clotehs for fall collection.