Aug 19, 2008

★The third place.

One of my favorite thing to do in my spare time is decorating

The Third Place.

Te thir place is...

not a school or office,

not a home,

but the place where you can relax, and heal yourself.

maybe its ur favorite cafe, or might be a gym.

This time, i will introduce my third place.

Since i love making my room be full with my favorite things.

now my own room is the third plce.

The object in the center of this photo is the thing i made when i was a elementary school at art class.

Package of the skin rotions and the juery boxes.

Two little coffee cups i found at a store near my house.

The heart object is my favorite thing which i got in NY cisty. And the cat object i got an african store.

Love desplaying the candles, too.

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Natalya said...

Thanks for writing this.