Aug 15, 2008


Hi there!!

Im sorry that i haven't updated here for a little while, though

here, i would like to introduce the place which is famous for hotspring named Ikaho-onsen.

There, we can feel very Retro atmosphere in Japan.

It kind a hard to explain only with the words,

but here, you can see waht the place like from the pics.

After we watch the seep dog show at a farm. - acturally it is my first time of visiting a farm ever.


penny stocks to watch said...

im your favorite reader here!

M.E.G said...

>penny stocks to watch

Thank u for ur comments!
im glad to hear that you like reading my blog.

Ill try to update more, so please keep checking it out :-D

Mai said...

I'm your biggest fun!

M.E.G said...


Mai Mai☆

thanks for your message, and how are you doooooing???? ><

Miss seeing you guys. and can't wait for the September. ^^!!