Jan 30, 2009

★Book Covers with beautiful prints.

One of my favorite thing to do in my spare time is Readig.

-and othere than my free time, i read anywehre if i have a time like in the train, at cafe, or during my waiting time at hospital.

In japan, as you are all aware, book size is much smaller than Western books, and also people hate to be looked at the title of the book they are reading in public.

There fore, you can see some stores selling Book Coveres for those who doeasn't want people to see what they are reading. (or people just ask the stuffs at a book store to cover the book they bought with a paper.)

I know....japanese people are SHY. haha

so when i go to the store in Shinjyuku Tokyo, i found some book covers with a beautiful design.

Now, i change a book cover to my moods, and it makes me feel like enjoying reading more. :-D

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