Jun 28, 2008

★The street style.

Hi there!

Its my day off from part-time job, and school...but don't know what to do.


so, today, Id like to talk about my favorite things...Fashon!! Yeah.

I love go shopping like the most girls in the world do, but especially i love street fashion stryle in Western countries such as NY, and Erope.

In japan, Super models' off style has been popular these days most of the time they prefer casual styles, however the small stuufs like hat, bags, shoes, and point accent goods are fabilous!!

Here, my favorite fashon blog "The sartorialist". http://www.thesartorialist.blogspot.com/

His work has selected as "One of time magazine's top 100 Design infuluencers" and he offeres great hints to my fashion styles,too. Especiall, his way of shotting people is just..AMAZING. we can enjoy fashion, people, and the background of the city, Please check it out!



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